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Search anything with one click

Advance search provides the below-mentioned fields in the options 








Decision Date

Date Range

Case No

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Cases Referred

Bare Acts Search

Search Bare Acts
and Rules

The Bare Acts and Rules search engine is capable to open inner sections written within the act page besides foot notes.

Citation search

Search by citation of the legal cases

Search by citation of the legal case by providing the publisher name, year, volume number, and page number of the citation.

Most useful Product Features

Word & phrase suggestions

Sometimes we don’t recognize the correct phrase or word for the search hence we have added suggestion list. 

Innovative search techniques

By using different search methods it is possible to get the desired results of your search query. Just say what “exactly” you want! and AIJEL will give you the results in a jiffy! 

Refine search

Refine search or Search-in-Search is one of the best features we have where you can refine your search by adding or removing anything mentioned in the advance search option on the top of the page. 

Sorting the search results

Sorting will help you to sort the searched results – date-wise and most cited-wise.

Highlighted searched keywords

AIJEL search engine will auto highlight the words which are entered in the search query. Like here search phrase was “murder and robbery”

Translate judgement

You can translate your judgment into your local language. Currently, you can translate judgement into Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, English,  Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. Contact us if you want to add any other language.

Adjust text size

User can increse or decrese judgement’s text size as per need.

Print Or Send the link

Users can get the print of the judgment and submit it to the court if need be. Moreover, The secured link of the document can be sent to the registered email. 

Court-wise judgements

In combo products (mixed-court) products you can have the option to search from one court rather than search from all the courts.

Bookmark judgement

Bookmark the judgment you want to see it again and access it in just one click from the saved bookmark menu.

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